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Career prospects


In addition to preparing students for academic careers at universities and non-university research institutes in the field of peace and conflict studies, the Master's program also qualifies graduates for various positions in federal ministries, government agencies, and international organizations, among others.

Depending on students’ specialization in the degree program, the focus of their final thesis, their choice of preparatory internship, and their individual professional and research skills, they will be qualified for activities in the following professional fields, among others:

  • Academic research at universities and non-university institutes in the field of conflict studies and peacebuilding
  • Research-based policy advising and strategic and project-based advising in the fields of foreign, peace and development policy
  • Work as advisors in federal ministries and agencies as well as in international organi-zations (such as the United Nations or the European Union)
  • Project-based activities in international conflict management, peacebuilding and development cooperation
  • Work for international and national non-governmental development organisations, implementing agencies or foundations
  • National and international media work, public relations