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Why choose CSP?

Three reasons to apply for the MA Conflict Studies and Peacebuilding at the University of Osnabrück:

1.) Combination of academic and practical skills

The MA CSP focuses on systematically linking research and practice. Many Master’s programs in Peace and Conflict Studies are either explicitly research-oriented or they primarily address only individual, selected areas of application and practice. The MA CSP has a research-based profile aiming at providing students with academic expertise and the methodological skills required to undertake independent research in conflict studies and peacebuilding. At the same time, the program emphasizes practical approaches and skills across a broad array of issue areas in peacebuilding. The combination of academic and practical study components prepares students for professional careers in international peacebuilding, development or conflict management.

2.) Broad expertise and close contacts

The Institute for Social Sciences at the University of Osnabrück combines expertise in three core areas of peace and conflict research: (1) international relations, with a focus on the international system, international conflict management, civil wars, and political violence; (2) comparative politics, in particular the role of political institutions, state-society relations, and protest; and (3) political theory, with a concentration on the normative and ideational foundations of state, war, and peace. Moreover, the program profits from staff expertise in the areas of international political economy, European Studies and Migration Studies. The institute ensures that teaching staff are highly accessible, fostering personal contacts and an engaged and interactive teaching environment.

3.) Study peace in the “City of Peace”

Osnabrück’s profile as the City of Peace originates from one of the most significant peace treaties of the early modern period. After 30 years of war, devastation, pillage, murder, and displacement in the heart of Europe, the Peace of Westphalia was proclaimed from the steps of Osnabrück Town Hall in 1648. This date marked a historic turning point in the history of Europe. The peace treaty is the defining event in the city’s history, and has shaped its identification as the City of Peace to this very day. Osnabrück views this historical legacy as a mandate to continue promoting peace both today and in the future. In line with the city’s maxim "The task of peace – committed to peace", the MA CSP prepares students for international careers in academic peace research and practical peacebuilding efforts.